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There are many forms of hair removal available to people that have hair removal as a major concern. Most of these methods are practically temporal, that is, the ability of the hair to grow again in a very short period of time. Two of the main forms of hair removal include the laser (IPL) and waxing methods, there have been debates over why IPL hair removal method is better than waxing, and vice versa.

For the benefits of people who are still in the dark regarding the best form of hair removal to choose between these two very popular methods of hair removal, we are critically going to compare and contrast these hair removal forms and adequately come to a rational conclusion on why IPL hair removal is better than waxing.

The features below are the ones that are going to be considered for the comparison and contrast:

The IPL machine targets the hair follicle with an intense heat, this heat is responsible for the inability of the follicle to produce new hair. It is generally believed that this form of hair removal is permanent, but there is a possibility of regrowth.
Waxing entangles the unwanted hair using a sticky substance or a wax to rip the hair from the surface of the skin. The hair growth becomes visible after two weeks.

The laser is known for leaving the skin with a very smooth surface over a long period of time. The time frame before the hair regrowth becomes visible on the skin again varies from individual to individual.
Waxing is renowned for leaving the skin smooth over a short period of time. The average time frame before the hair regrowth becomes obvious on the skin is two weeks.

Laser hair removal is not too common around, hence it can only be handled by top experts and professionals who understand how the process works.

Waxing, on the other hand, has been saturated, therefore it is possible to see the service offered in so many of the salon around. This makes it quite easy to get your hair removal done by people who claim to be professionals but, in the real sense, are not.

Laser session (in the long run) is generally cheaper than the waxing session. But it should be noted that a single session of waxing is cheaper than the corresponding laser hair removal.

Pigmentation change in skin colouration, scarring, and skin irritation are some of the basic side effects or problems associated with laser hair removal. Waxing hair removal is associated with the following problems; burns, skin tears, and secondary skin infection.

Going through this very straightforward analysis of the laser and waxing forms of hair removal, it can be practically seen why IPL hair removal is better than waxing. The laser process is quite simpler and less painful when compared to that of the waxing hair removal – fundamental feature to consider when choosing.

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