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What to do about a tattoo you no longer love

The rise in people visiting laser tattoo removal salons and clinics in recent years goes to show that removing tattoos isn’t so embarrassing anymore. In fact, of the quarter of all Australians under 30 who are tattooed, 1 in 3 regrets they ever got it.
What to do when you have an unwanted tattoo.

Seek advice from a professional. While a tattoo removal machine is an effective means of getting rid of unwanted tattoos, it’s also a skilled aesthetic practice that needs to be conducted by a trained and qualified operator.

An experienced laser tattoo removal provider will be able to conduct a thorough consultation to give you an indication of how many sessions you might require removing your tattoo. For most, 6-12 sessions are required to turn back the clock in unwanted tattoos.

The best way to get your tattoo removed is to speak to a specialist in tattoo removal. With the advancements in laser tattoo removal technology, today you do not have to be a surgeon to perform the removal process. A beauty therapist can do the laser tattoo removal training and learn how to use the laser tattoo removal machine and then perform the process in their salon. 

The Global Beauty Group are leaders in tattoo removal machine technology. They have been in business for many years now and are the go-to experts in beauty technology in Australia and New Zealand.

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